2018 Grand Wagoneer Concept and Price


2018 Grand Wagoneer is one of the names that is rumored for being released in the future. It gains lots of public attention due to the popularity of Wagoneer in the past. However, it also becomes a huge burden for Jeep to present a modern and better Wagoneer than its predecessor. Hence, it’s quite interesting to see about Jeep’s effort in presenting new series of Wagoneer for 2018 market that is far better than before.

2018 Grand Wagoneer Concept Sneak Peek

2018 Grand Wagoneer Concept


We know that Jeep won’t disappoint us especially, for anyone who claims themselves as hard fan of Wagoneer. In this case, we predict that a new engine that presents more powerful engine performance will be put under the hood.

There are lots of rumors released about the engine. The strongest candidate will go for V8 HEMI engine 5.7L that can produce 370HP. Besides, there is also other possibility that the car will get V6 3.2L engine that goes for 270HP.


2018 Grand Wagoneer Spy Shots


If you still think that Jeep will retain the old and classic look of 2018 Grand Wagoneer then forget about it. Based on some pictures and our thought, Jeep may give radical change for the car’s exterior. It’s understandable due to people’s demand for better and new car’s look in the future.

In this case, we assume that Jeep will work hard to create new design without leaving the main characteristic of Wagoneer, Classic and vintage design. In this case, we predict that there will be a combination between modern and classic design seen through the car’s exterior. It uses several kinds of elements put on the bodyline and other car’s part.


Based on some pictures released, we conclude that Jeep also works hard for the car’s cabin. We can conclude the new cabin as comfortable and elegant nuance. First, it’s seen through the usage of light yellow leather put on the seat. The other combination comes from black colored dashboard that looks really great.

The dashboard arrangement seems really neat but, we still don’t know about what kind of features that will be put inside. In this case, we should wait for further announcement about any features that will be put inside of the car.

2018 Grand Wagoneer Interior

2018 Grand Wagoneer Release date and price

You may curious about when the car will be released but the company still doesn’t give any explanations about it. It’s also the same one with the car’s price so, the good thing that we can do is, we need to wait for the release date and price info for 2018 Grand Wagoneer in the future.

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