2017 Ford Excursion Diesel Release Date


2017 Ford Excursion is the newest edition of solid-styled SUV manufactured by Ford. This strong-looking car proves that Ford is a world-upper class car manufacturer never-ending innovation to always create new products.

New Ford Excursion 2017 is going to rock. It has new style, updated engine, more features, and everything it needs to steal the heart of automotive lovers around the world. By using the same platform as in F150, it seems like the upgrades that will be brought by this solid vehicle will likely be the same with the ones in F150. And if it so, it means that this car edition will bring new styling, as well as new materials, upgraded engine, and more, just like what we found in the latest series of F150.

New 2017 Ford Excursion

A huge excitement that created among automobile society toward this product doesn’t make Ford change its decision to be a little shy in revealing more details. However, they still keep the information about their brand-new vehicle as company’s secret. But, luckily, some information has been successfully leaked to provide you a closer look to the new Excursion.

2017 Ford Excursion Diesel Specs

This brand new 2017 Ford Excursion is the one brand-new generation that likely will end up being a full-size Ford SUV in the future. And to create a high selling number, Ford decided to give this new product more upgrades, including the exterior design. Here, you can find the front end be bolder than before. Its better design also seems to be applied in the rear end to strengthen the strong character that this car has. We can also find the improvements on the body materials to contribute toward its amazingly glamorous styling. Overall, this SUV will definitely be more elegant, sporty, and glamorous.

2017 Ford Excursion Interior

Going inside of the car, the cabin will be spacious. It provides wider headroom and legroom, to add more comforts for the passengers. 2017 Ford Excursion’s interior also seems to more modern and classy. This interior is anticipated to use the high-quality upholstery, providing warm and homey sensation to its passenger.

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Then we move to the engine sector. Based on the rumors, 2017 Ford Excursion will have 2 kinds of engines. They will be 3.6 liter Ecoboost V6 engine or 5.0 liter V8 engine. These engines supposedly will be able to generate 365 hp with 420 pound-feet of maximal torque. With these specifications s, 2017 Ford Excursion will give you guarantee toward the engine efficiency to create higher performance compared to the other cars in its class.

2017 Ford Excursion Pictures

Furthermore, about the fuel economy, this SUV is reported to have 16 mpg when it runs in the city, and about 23 mpg in highway. These numbers can be achieved when this SUV is using the RWD system, while when it uses AWD system; the numbers are going to be around 15 mpg when running in city and 21 mpg in highway.

2017 Ford Excursion Release Date

2017 Ford Excursion Diesel

To be balance with all those improvements, the features of the car will own the recent technology. For example, in the multimedia system, this vehicle will featured new audio system, updated connectivity system, better display, and many more. Although there is still no official information of its release date as well as its price, this car is estimated will be launch sometime in 2016. And remember, the time is ticking, so be prepared for the official release of 2017 Ford Excursion.

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    will ford 2017 excursion have a diesel option, if so when will it be released?

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    I have the 2005 Diesel Eddie Bauer edition. I love love the room, when you travel. Best large truck for travel.


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