2016 Monte Carlo SS Price Specs


2016 Monte Carlo SS becomes a big issue inside the market since, there are many rumors that come along and told by many people according to the release of car in the future. The car itself is known as a part of Chevy coupe car family that was really famous before. Due to its popularity, there are many people that hope if Chevy could put Monte Carlo inside the list of future car that will be released in the future.

2016 Monte Carlo SS Pictures

Until now, there are still none of confirmation that are given by the company. Though, there is nothing information given, people start to speculate about the release of car in the future. While some of them only hope that there will be another release of 2016 version of Monte Carlo, there are also some rumors released about any changes or even slight information whether the car will be released in the future or not. Without further ado, let’s find out more about it.

2016 Monte Carlo SS Specs


The powertrain of car is not revealed yet due to the lack of confirmation whether the car will be released later or not. However, we can analyze it through some information about the car’s engine from its predecessor. First, the 2015 version is rumored for getting V8 engine as its main engine. With this engine, we know that the car will get powerful performance for the 2015 version.

2016 Monte Carlo SS Concept

For any changes that will be occurred later, we still need to wait for customer’s review about the 2015’s engine. If most of them stated that the engine is great enough for the 2015 version then there will be a huge chance if Chevy stays with the same choice. If there are some chance then there might be some revision conducted on the car’s fuel efficiency and handling.


The exterior of 2016 Monte Carlo SS is looking really great with its more modern design. We try to compare it with its predecessor and based on our opinion, we prefer the 2016 design than 2015 design since, 2015 design looks really bold and may not suitable for most of people nowadays.

For other changes that are given, there are still lack of information that come so, we still don’t know about any changes that are conducted for the car. There are some changes that might be seen through the pictures released where there is still iconic Chevrolet grille that is set on front. The other interesting thing is, the front bumper looks really cool with a curve on both side that makes the car looks more aggressive and fabulous.

2016 Monte Carlo SS Price


We still don’t sure about any changes that are given for the car’s cabin since, there are no pictures or information that are given for the car. However, we are sure that there will be any information that will come in the future where the car is ready to be released. For now, let’s predict about some changes that might be implemented by the company for the car.

In our mind, the company may give an elegant look inside the cabin. As the addition, there will be some new features that are seen on the car’s cabin. The feature will include the car’s entertainment and safety feature. Besides, we also hope the cabin might be designed bigger to give spacious nuance for any people that come inside.

2016 Monte Carlo SS Interior

2016 Monte Carlo SS Release date and price

Till this article is written, there is still news that come rather from the company or other expert about the car. Therefore, it’s best for us to wait for further information about the 2016 Monte Carlo SS because, the company may reveal any information as soon as the car is ready to be announced.

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  1. author

    Stephanie2 years ago

    I want that car

  2. author

    Anita2 years ago

    Ugly body!!! Bring back the muscle style that it is and is known for.

    • author

      Rudy11 months ago

      I own a 70 monte carlo would love to see it brought back like the camaro guess they don’t want any competition for the corvette or camaro. its not what chevy wants it’s what your loyal chevy customers want .

  3. author

    Jan2 years ago

    I want that car. My 03 SS is the best car I have owned so far, please bring it back

    • author

      Julie1 year ago

      Mine as well. Hate the new body design but my 2003 monte carlo ss is the best car ever! !

  4. author

    Eddie1 year ago

    Keep it big but you gotta bring the muscle body back. That looks like a Honda. Not a heavy chevy

    • author

      Hannah1 year ago

      I have a o4 dale jr monte which i luv because ir reminds me of my lst and favorite car my 76 monte. Keep this car v8 and muscle car and 2 door i like the front back looks like impala. Hope it is made i would buy one . Too many 4 doors out there and they all look alike.

  5. author

    Johnnymccrea1 year ago

    Give that 1972 look with the SS 6.0

  6. author

    Aaron1 year ago

    i really want the new Monte Carlo to come out i want to get it so bad

  7. author

    patrick1 year ago

    I owed a 1970 montecarlo coupe the best car I bought ever

  8. author

    C.R.O1 year ago

    Keep it muscle and keep it real…

  9. author

    stella Williams12 months ago

    I owned a 1978 Monte best car ever!

  10. author

    Ed J Mullee12 months ago

    Are they coming out with a 2 door chevy impala. And where can I get one

  11. author

    Gregory12 months ago

    I had an 2002 monte carlo now
    I have a 2007 monte carlo ss . I love them im a mc guy always room for new an improvement

  12. author

    Kenneth Robberson10 months ago

    Great looking Chevy, Bringing back the two door is wonderful. Thank you K. Robberson 12/30/16

  13. author

    Luke9 months ago

    Good could use better tail lights look like a Malibu. 02 & 08ss were good. Best is 1st gen

  14. author

    Jerry8 months ago

    I have a 1995 monte. It is the best car I have ever owned. I really like this one and the way it looks. It should come with a v6 and a v8 version. I would definitely buy one, but I am still keeping my 95.

  15. author

    Billy pou8 months ago

    It’s about time Chevy built a rear wheel dr 2 door car


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