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The next year of 2016 will be a great year for many new and recurring car series, one of the examples is the new 2016 Barracuda. This new car is the next installment of the previous barracuda car series which is known as one of the popular car in the US.

The new improvements are going to be one of the biggest issue and also rumor that has been included in many of the news of this car new release. However, even with great anticipation the full details of this car specification is not released yet, therefore we need to search for additional source of information regarding this car spec in general.

2016 Barracuda Picture

Because this is the new car release of the barracuda series, dodge as its developer will try their best to satisfy their fan and also automobile lovers. The new dodge barracuda is rumored will have several new improvements or even changes mainly on the exterior design which is changed to be much more futuristic and fitting with this modern world.

Of course the change will not spread to far from the barracuda source. Additionally this car will also improve with new engine which is much more reliable and powerful. Finally it is also confidential that this car will improve the interior design to make the interior feel more comfortable.

2016 Barracuda Interior

2016 Barracuda Hellcat Design, and general Performance

Engine is one of the important part of any car and the same can also be said for the new barracuda by dodge. The new engine of this new barracuda is expected to be V8 type engine with Chrysler type engine manufacturer as it main designer.

This will make the new barracuda to have the same engine specification as the new Camaro which is also having the same V8 engine Chrysler. The specification itself is not revealed yet, however, knowing dodge which is known to produce muscle and high powered type car we can expect the same thing with the new barracuda.

Exterior design of the new 2016 Barracuda is going to be much simpler than the other improvements in this car. The improvement that we can see is that the bodyline is much improved giving a new aesthetic design for the car itself.

2016 Barracuda Photos

Additionally, we can also see improvements such as new aerodynamics design of this car which makes the car look even more gorgeous and stylish. For the front grille itself the new grille and also headlights making the car looks even more masculine despite the new body line which makes this car balanced in terms of design.

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Just like many other new car design the interior will also have several make over. The classic and also elegant design of the old barracuda is still present while the new improvement will take place majorily in the interior design itself.

It means that there will be new atmosphere of this Barracuda 2016 which improve this car design even further making it a more interesting design at best. This new interior will also feature several high tech feature and also system such as safety system and also new center console and many more making this car even more comfortable and authentic.

2016 Barracuda Car

2016 Barracuda Release date and Price

Now into the release date and price of this car, it is rumored that this car is going to be priced for around $50.000 price tag. It is a reasonable price because Dodge Barracuda is well known for its great specification and also general specification.

As for the release date itself, there are no exact information regarding this car new release date. However as we can conclude this new 2016 Barracuda is going to be released on the first half of the 2016.

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